The ATLRetro Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Eight Pretty Present Ideas to Please Your Precious Pin-Up Girl

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By Shellie Schmals
Contributing Blogger

Winter holidays make me happy. It means spending time with family, friends, loved ones and shopping for my family, friends and loved ones. Shopping? Did someone mention shopping? Why yes, I think I did! Holiday shopping can be overwhelming, so with a little inspiration by vintage artistic stylings of Alberto Vargashere’s a quick and easy shopping guide to dress your pin-up girl in swanky threads from head to toe. BONUS: All those mentioned below, are from our hometown pals in Atlanta.

HOTSY TOTSY HATS: Vanessa Bonnen of Bonen Bonnets Originals recycles the sounds of CDS, 45s and LPs into adorable retro hats. Your girl will give you double-love for knowing her style and being environmentally friendly.

Frock of Ages.

MWAH to the MUAH: She’ll give you kisses with glitter lips from PinUp Girl! Cosmetics. Let PG! Owner Kellyn Willey and her talented staff treat your lady to a day of vintage pampering. Hair, make-up, the whole sha-bang!!

ALL DOLLED UP: Frock of Ages is nestled in At the Collective at Inman Park and features multiple decades of cocktail dresses and casual outfits. She’ll feel like Audrey Hepburn in ROMAN HOLIDAY when you take her out on the town.

Vintage Opulence.


CLASSY CHASSIS: Of course your lady is the bees knees, give her a gift from Vintage Opulence and let her show them to you!! Vintage Opulence indulges in ruffle daydreams and lacey fantasies, she’ll swoon over the handmade lingerie re-worked from antique outfits.

BLING THIS!: Rhinestones galore can be found at Faro’s Oh Faro Etsy site. Antique and re-designed  gems are what makes her collections stand out amongst the rest. Dazzle your dame to a sparkling gift that she’ll wear with love and think of you.

Jezebel Blue.

CAMEO CUTIES: A popular favorite among Atlanta’s pinup girls, Jezebel Blue‘s cameos and accessories are familiar faces in photoshoots!! They offer everything from: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belt buckles and other assorted knick knacks that capture a bobby soxer’s heart.

PEEPTOE PEEPSHOW: Atlanta’s Value Village is a hidden gold mine for vintage shoes. Unique finds of pumps, wedges, t-straps and booties will tickle her toes and leave a big smile on her face. While you’re there, pick up a vintage pocketbook for her too!!


Lucky Pinup Photography.

PRETTY AS A PICTURE: Now that your girlie looks glamorous from head-to-toe, send her off with a trip to Lucky Pinup Photography. Photographer Brent Walker will capture her happiness in a classic pinup or boudoir shoot and highlight all the new additions to her wardrobe. She’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear.

And remember it’s Really Retro to buy your gifts from Your Local Independent Artists, Crafters and Vendors. This weekend’s arts and craft markets and other independent vendor sales events include:

Project Pop UP Atl, Sen. Dec. 11, 5 to 10 p.m., Sauced Atlanta.  First of an ongoing series of ALL local arts and crafts sales.

Swedish Christmas Fair, Sun. Dec. 11, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Inman Park Trolley Barn. Crafts vendors, Swedish food and holiday treats, traditional St. Lucia ceremony at 2:30 p.m.

The TARA Project’s First Annual Jingle Bell Jubilee, Sun. Dec. 11, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., The Solarium (Oakhurst). Proceeds benefit The TARA Project’s education programming in its flagship community in rural Kenya where there is no electricity or running water and little access to the basic needs.

Kudzu Antique Market Holiday Shopping Parties, Every Sat. and Sun until Christmas.  Live music, free refreshments and beverages, door prizes, and vendor discounts at the Decatur antique and gift gallery.

Terrific Thursdays in Decatur, evenings of Dec. 8 and 15. Shopping specials, refreshments and wine in participating Decatur shops, as well as special events on the Square.

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Shop Around: V.A.M.P. It Up Saturday with Vintage Apparel from the 1920s through ‘90s

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VAMP founders Marji Ayati and Jacqueline Stringham of Pony Up! Vintage. Photo courtesy of Pony Up! Vintage.

Pony Up! Vintageis hosting what it bills as Atlanta’s first Vintage Apparel Market Place, or V.A.M.P. for short, at Scott Lowden Photography Studio (634 North Highland Ave. in Poncey-Highland) this Sat. Aug. 27 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Entry is just $5 to browse some of the Southeast’s finest vendors of vintage clothes and accessories dating from the Roaring Twenties to the Nineties, snack on tasty vittles from the Good Food Truck, sip a relaxing, listen to music spun by DJ Zano and pose in a vintage photo booth courtesy of Sweet Darlin’ Photography.

Pony Up! Co-proprietresses Jacqueline Stringham and Marji Ayati dreamed up VAMP as a one-stop vintage market, where both casual and serious Retro couture enthusiasts can expect to find everything from floral frocks to cocktail couture to everything in between. While teaching English in Japan in 2009, Jacqueline fell in love with Japanese fabrics and collecting vintage Japanese clothes. Back in the US, she and Marji teamed up to sell vintage clothes and host vintage pop-up sales, culminating in VAMP. She was kind enough to give us a sneak peek, clue us in on why she loves Japanese and Sweden wares and share a few tips on starting up a vintage sales business.

How many vintage vendors have signed up and what range of items can shoppers expect to find?

We are happy to announce there will be 14 vendors at VAMP (for a complete list, click here) VAMP concentrates on quality vintage clothing and accessories (bags, jewelry, footwear). We deem vintage to be anything 20 years or older and will have items from 1920-1990s. We do have two vendors that deal vintage jewelry.  Nothing is vintage-inspired and made today; everything is vintage.


I understand there’s a special bonus for the first 100 people through the door?

Yes, there is a Catlanta-designed tote bag [and a Rooster 14 cookie] for the first 100 people with their $5 admission.  Meow!


Bunny Day Vintage is one of 14 vendors at VAMP this Sat. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Stringham.

What other fun stuff is in store?

Sounds will be provided by DJ Zano, there’ll be a vintage photo booth by Sweet Darlin’, food by The Good Food Truck….and BEER!

What kinds of places did you shop in Japan and what did you collect?

I shopped at vintage stores in Tokyo and Osaka. It was hard for me to find vintage anywhere else as they don’t have thrift stores like we have in USA. I bought dresses! They have a lot of USA vintage in their vintage shops, so it was a struggle to find items actually made in Japan as they really don’t value old things.

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Kool Kat of the Week: Pin-Up Girl Cosmetics Owner Kellyn Willey Talks Sexy Eye-Liner and Sells Lemonade for a Great Cause

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Kellyn Willey, owner of Pin-Up Girl Cosmetics. All photos courtesy of Kellyn Willey.

Warning. If you drive down Boulevard near Grant Park on Friday between 2 and 9 p.m., Kellyn Willey doesn’t want you to get distracted by the bevy of beauties selling lemonade in front of the red storefront of Pin-Up Girl Cosmetics and wreck the car. Instead, stay safe and beat the heat by stopping a while to sip some refreshing juice and support animal shelters and nonprofit rescue groups.

While Kellyn didn’t found the boutique which aims to help any gal capture the glamorous look of the movie stars of the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s, but since 2009 when she took over as owner, she’s been living a dream come true. She was hired as a make-up artist/shop girl with little responsibility in 2007, but her talents in photography and graphic design helped persuade her boss not just to promote the then-just-23-year-old to manager but eventually to take over the entire business. In just a couple of years and proving that Retro style is timeless and recession-proof, Kellyn moved Pin-Up Girl Cosmetics to Grant Park, tripled the square footage and partnered with Christine Starr Cookus’s Lucky Starr to sell vintage clothes on site as well.

ATLRetro caught up with Kellyn recently to find out more about Ernie’s Lemonade Stand and what’s new with Pin-Up Girl Cosmetics, as well as get a few make-up tips and keep up with her upcoming misadventures in her alter-ego as Madame Willey of burlesque troupe Minette Magnifique.

What’s Ernie’s Lemonade Stand and why should ATLRetro readers be sure to drop by on Friday?

Ernie’s Lemonade Stand is the brainchild of myself, Jillian Udelson and Liz Henderson—two major advocates for rescuing animals on a local and global scale. I was just speaking with them a few weeks ago at a photo shoot I was doing with Jillian and Liz’s pit [bull], Dash, about how I have an annual lemonade stand, complete with genuine pin-up girls as servers, in front of my shop to bring in extra business. We just thought giving it an actual cause to support was an exciting way to bring new attention to it.

Is that also a good time to take a look around the shop? Anything new you’d like us to notice?

Absolutely, my newest vendor, Lucky Starr, who sells incredible vintage apparel for both men and women at unbeatable prices is having her huge SUMMER BLOWOUT SALE! It’s 25% OFF everything she has and we will also be doing the same in my shop with various vintage-inspired corsets size S-XXL, stockings, ruffle panties, hair accessories, jewelry and even cosmetics!

How’s it going having Lucky Starr as a partner? You’ve been together now for six months, rights?

I <3 Christine, owner of Lucky Starr! I can’t imagine having my business without her. She adds a flavor of authenticity to my boutique which truly gives our customers that feeling of being swept away to Paris and stumbling into a tucked away, chic yet naughty little boutique with everything you’ve been looking for as a fashionable woman, since you were a young girl.

How did you first get interested in glamorous make-up and hair? Is it a love that goes back to childhood dress-up or did someone inspire you?

My mother really. She is still the most glamorous woman I know and she takes such amazing care of herself. She taught me that you CAN have it all as a woman. You can have a career, family and be beautiful all at the same time. Her biggest secret to her success was waking up early. She always taught me to wake up early—like two to four hours earlier than wherever you have to be first in the morning—and take care of YOURSELF FIRST! Whether it’s doing your hair, makeup, working out, eating a balanced breakfast, meditating or all the above. The morning time is the best time for “me-time”.




Kellyn in her Madame Willey persona poses with some members of Minette Magnifique.




Does Pin-Up Girl Cosmetics only do appointments or are walk-ins welcome, and about how much does it cost to have a makeover?

We mainly are by appointment only, but we accept walk-ins for all beauty services. The one and only PinUpGirl! Makeover costs $85 and includes full vintage hair styling, makeup, brow sculpting, false lashes and a spa quality skin prep. During the warmer months, we also apply a flexible sealant spray to your makeup after it’s completed to hold it in place for hours and hours against perspiration, humidity and smudging at no extra charge.

What’s the most fun makeover you’ve done and why?

I love giving makeovers to people who never have the opportunity to treat themselves. I guess one of my more fun makeovers was a client in her 60s who was a teacher, a breast cancer survivor and had been growing her hair back from the numerous chemotherapy treatments. She just came out radiant, and her smile blossomed the second I got her on set. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing clients enjoying to look in the mirror at themselves and simply smile.

Who are your clients—burlesque queens, theater performers or just ordinary women who want a little glamour in their lives? Do you have a typical client?

All the above. Our most popular client, on average, is in their mid-30s and looking to glam up their life with something more unique and tailored to their personality. Unlike many other beauty bars, my staff and I really get to know our client, even if they are only with us for a few minutes. We give the client what they are looking and make them feel self-assured.

Who’s your favorite vintage pin-up girl and why?

The incomparable Rita Hayworth. She knew how to turn it on, and she made it all look so easy. She could either be soft and innocent with her wide eyes and bright smile making you feel so joyful and carefree like in her musical, COVER GIRL, with Gene Kelly. Or she can smolder and sizzle with her luscious curves and quick yet perfectly timed hair flips in GILDA. She really teaches us women how fun it is to be a woman, and when you are having fun, you are confident and confidence is so very sexy!

What’s the biggest make-up mistake women make when trying for a vintage look and how can you correct it?

The cursed black cat eye. The look that we see Dita wear as her signature style. So many woman don’t find the right type of liner or the curve of the wing off the eye lid is too curvy or large. My best trick to fixing this common mistake is using a felt-tip liquid eye liner. My favorite liner for the perfect cat eye is by NYX Cosmetics called “Super FAT Eye Marker” sold at ULTA. It’s around $6 and HUGE and takes me less than 30 seconds for the perfect cat eye. If you don’t like a fat line or have smaller eyes, this product also comes in a “skinny” marker. It’s the BEST felt marker liner I’ve ever used and lasts all day, even in the heat. It’s so gentle that I can even line the bottom lash-line of my eyes. It’s instant sex appeal.

Performing with Minette Magnifique.

We have a few private events this month, and next Saturday, July 16, Miss Darcy Lemmonier and Luna Lynxx are performing in the Shakespeare Follies at 7 Stages. It’s going to be a great show and the girls have some new pieces to share. Many more shows and appearances to come in the fall.

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