Extra-Kool Kat of the Week: Surfing and Swinging with Joshua Longino of Andrew & the Disapyramids

If this cool Sunday can break up an Atlanta spring heat wave, why can’t ATLRetro do a little dreamin’ of those summer beach parties to come? After all, we already were a bit rebellious by declaring a garden a Kool Kat. But then Joshua Longino of Andrew and the Disapyramids dropped a line about their groovy gig Monday night May 16 at Noni’s Bar & Deli and the idea of a beach party in May just seemed too tempting to pass up. So this week, there just are going to be two Kool Kats, and one of them is posting on Sunday to give you enough time to decide that no matter how manic your Monday is, it just might be worth stepping out for something fun, especially when the cover charge is well…free.

Brothers Joshua and Andrew Longino grew up listening to their dad’s old records. Joshua says his first instrument was a plastic Roy Rogers guitar that he used to take to the pool. By age 10, he and Andrew were playing in bands. Today Joshua drives a ’64 Chevy and loves all things vintage—records, instruments, clothes, furniture cars. And he sings and plays keys, strings, and harmonica with Andrew [vocals] in Andrew and the Disapyramids, a cover band that brings back the best of surf, doo wop, Mod, soul, sock hop and all types of retro rock ‘n’ roll. ATLRetro caught up with Joshua recently to find out more…

How’d Andrew and the Disapyramids get started?

Rachel‘s [Rarick, tambourine/go-go dancer/vocals] parents needed a band two weeks before a party, so she asked me, “Why don’t you put a band together?” My first reaction was like, “No way could I ever pull that off!”

Why be a retro surf band in the 21st century?

Because being in a Lady Gaga cover band wouldn’t be near as much fun, and what’s better than a good beach party?

What can one expect at an Andrew and the Disapyramids gig?

Lots of cheesy-sounding organ, tambourine and teenage hand claps!

How do you pick which songs you cover and do you do any originals?

There’s just so much good music that you don’t get to see performed very often.  We’ll all throw suggestions out there, and we see which ones stick; or I will just come out with all these songs at the last minute and try to make everyone learn them. We want to get to a point where we can throw sock hops, too. We do have some original songs.  I’ve written a couple, and Jordan [Williams, drums] has written one as well.

Who are a few of your idols and why?

Brian Wilson, because he is the best. Me and Andrew, our favorites include Dion DiMucci, The Ventures, The Coasters, John Lennon, Paul McCartneyPete Townshend, Rod Argent, The Everly Brothers, Ray and Dave Davies, Otis Redding, James Brown, Eric Burdon, Jeff Buckley, BjorkThe Yoder Twins…ha, ha!

So what is it with your band and drummers?

We’re hoping that we are not bad juju for drummers’ health.  So far, we’ve been lucky enough to work with a murderers row of Atlanta drummers.  It’s kinda like playing for the ’27 Yankees!

What did Spiff Carner of oldies radio station 106.7 FM think of Andrew and The Disapyrmids, after seeing your first gig?

He thought that we were great, but we needed to learn more songs, ha, ha!

You’re slated to play a private party at Looney Lake on June. We’ve just got to ask where is that and are you playing for Bugs Bunny?

Lake Lanier. It’s actually Daffy‘s place.  Bugs should be there this year.  Last year, he shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque and ended up missing it.

In addition to the Noni’s show, Andrew and the Disapyramids will be at the Drunken Unicorn on June 4 with FishHawk. Andrew and Joshua also play together in Winter Ransom.

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