Retro Review: 35 minutes of 35mm Trailers @ 6:35 PM Sat. at The Plaza

By Philip Nutman
Contributing Blogger

COMING SOON TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU!; 35 min. of rare 35 mm trailers; Plaza Theatre; Sat. Aug. 13; 6:35 p.m; free but donations are welcome.

If screening a splendid print of Sergio Leone‘s stunning, classic, epic spaghetti western, THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY this weekend isn’t enough (also Saturday only; watch for our Retro Review soon), be prepared for more than a fistful of rare trailers, too. To make the day even more exclusive, the fine folks at The Plaza are also programming a special *free* screening block of rare 35mm trailers from the private collection of Plaza Manager/top-notch chief projectionist and all-round guardian of The Plaza flame, Ben Ruder.

Like we said – this is a free screening, but us ATLRetro hopes you will throw in a few bucks to help fund this worthy nonprofit and Atlanta’s oldest, continuous-running cinema (71 plus years and still going strong!) continue to screen some of the best movies, old and new. What rare gems can you hope to see? How about 1950s B-movie horror double bills, 1960s giant dinosaurs, 1970s comedy and – shock! – *more* horror? And Ben’s promising some wacky animation, too – heck, yes!

As the man himself says, “I have so much cool material, it’s a challenge to work out which ones to screen.” So be at The Plaza Saturday at 6:35 PM…or be boring!

Addendrum From Anya: If you have some ELVIS ROYALE or BURLESQUE WITH A HITCH to go to, they don’t start till later and The Plaza conveniently is on the way to both and their popcorn is the freshest, best in town. Just Sayin’.

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